Jury In A Hurry for IPad

Jury In A Hurry is an Jury Selection IPad Application designed by lawyers for lawyers.  Put away that pen and notepad and grab your Ipad for the Voir Dire process.   We've designed this with the intent of quick data entry.


Customized Voir Dire questions (including 160 common questions initially loaded) Ability to add juror pools of any size and customizable courtroom layouts
Professional graphics that quickly provides demographic data on a potential juror at first glance Juror Scoring based on responses to Voir Dire questions and indication of juror negativity/positivity
Striking of potential jurors Easy note dictation using the industry leading Dragon software that powers Siri
Cloud backup of your data using Dropbox and the ability to recover in the event of loss or damage to your device. Prepopulated database with most common names and occupations with autotyping for quick data entry
Ability to add notes and attachments for each jury candidate Instant reports for demographics for gender, marital status, employment status, race and age.
Generation and email of pdf case details report Ability to save preferences for auto population when new cases are created
Ability to assign juror candidates to existing courtroom seat layout